[toggle_framed title=”Advisory to CPO and VP level ” variation=”teal”]We guide CPOs and Purchasing VPs in transforming a purchasing function from tactical to strategic, by re-designing the organization, aligning purchasing to business or function strategy, engaging with internal clients, performing strategic sourcing, managing supplier relationships and, creating metrics and governance around the processes.As part of strategic planning, we are able to define methodologies to calculate future spend according to the company growth, calculate the resources needed for future years aligned to company direction, and calculate the costs of activities performed by the purchasing function.We provide directions in how to benchmark for efficiency like addressable spend over total spend or spend over full-time equivalent (FTE) and for effectiveness like percentage of return of benefits (savings/avoidances).

Article published at on-line magazine My Purchasing Center –Purchasing Strategic Planning: CPOs, Have You Done Your Homework?

[toggle_framed title=”Strategic Sourcing ” variation=”teal”]We provide a 5-step work process for Strategic Sourcing where the purchasing function will link the business strategy to the purchases needed by the company.

The work process can be adapted to any company and culture and incorporates the following: Internal Analysis, External Analysis, Supply Strategy, Negotiation, and Execution. The work process is flexible enough for both simple and complex purchases and will improve the effectiveness of your organization. [/toggle_framed]
[toggle_framed title=”Contract Management” variation=”teal”]We provide directions in how to select a tool for your company’s needs, defining the key fields needed for compliance, productivity improvements, tracking capabilities, reminders, avoidance of maverick spending, etc.[/toggle_framed]
[toggle_framed title=”Spend Management” variation=”teal”]

We have expertise in selecting the spend management tool to aggregate and classify your spend so you can improve your purchasing power. Besides the classification with UNPSC codes, we are able to help the spend segmentation to improve the efficiency of your organization. By segmenting and aggregating into sub-categories, your company will have better leverage.

Article published at on-line magazine My Purchasing Center – Spend Management: A Necessary Evil?

[toggle_framed title=”Risk Management” variation=”teal”]

Our framework and tools are able to manage risk in three different dimensions:

  • PRA (Product Risk Assessment): Measuring the likelihood of supplier disruption and impact on business;
  • BRA (Business Risk Assessment): Measuring the risk of single source and Revenue @ Risk;.
  • SRA (Supplier Risk Assessment): Measuring supplier risk to your company from different functions point of view.

Article published at on-line magazine My Purchasing Center – Risk Management: A Comprehensive View for Purchasing


[toggle_framed title=”Price Forecast” variation=”teal”]We provide guidelines and project management to define which price areas are important for forecasting and to develop algorithm models for and comparisons with market prices for raw materials, logistics, and maintenance repair operation (MRO).

Article published at on-line magazine My Purchasing Center – Price Forecasting: Who Needs That?

[toggle_framed title=”Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)” variation=”teal”]We have developed a methodology to segment your suppliers into four segments, where each segment follows different positioning for price negotiation strategy as well as management tactics.

Article published at on-line magazine My Purchasing Center

 Procurement Evolution: Purchasing, Strategic Sourcing and SRM

– Is SRM Worth the Investment?

[toggle_framed title=”Client Engagement” variation=”teal”]Our purchasing framework engages your internal clients (businesses and functions) to assure their strategy is incorporated into the supply strategy and defines Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) where both sides can track evolution of the engagement. This process is referred to as sourcing councils.

Article published at on-line magazine My Purchasing Center

– Are You Engaging All Your Clients?

– Client Satisfaction in Purchasing: A Must or Just “Nice to Have”?

[toggle_framed title=”Governance” variation=”teal”]

We have implemented governance models to guarantee the purchasing function is efficient and effective in performing its activities through defining the delegation of authority, KPI, scorecards, storyboards, TMO – Transformation Management Office, PMO – Project Management Office, and audit process.

[toggle_framed title=”Metrics” variation=”teal”]

Our metrics are developed to drive organizational behavior in terms of spend management, sourcing project execution, improvement metrics, as well as Purchasing Benefits which includes cost savings (EBIT), capital and working capital savings, avoidances, and revenue generation.

Specifically in Purchasing Benefits, the objective is to measure and track both: Projected and Actual benefits.

Article published at on-line magazine My Purchasing Center – Metrics for Purchasing: A Framework that Works


[toggle_framed title=”Organization and Structure” variation=”teal”]According to your company size and culture, we develop a purchasing organization to match the company needs in order to leverage volume and knowledge. Decentralized, centralized, or center-led organization models can be developed in for commodities, categories, or commercial areas.

For each company we develop the structures in for managing the entire spend, defining the project portfolio (addressable spend), defining the benefit targets, and improving cross-learning between categories and commodities.[/toggle_framed]
[toggle_framed title=”Consultant Companies ” variation=”teal”]We are able to leverage and aggregate specific expertises with other consultant companies on a project basis.

MyPurchasingCenter magazine – top 10 articles in 2012.  I’m glad and honored to have 3 among 10

MyPurchasingCenter magazine – top 10 articles in 2013.  2 among 10


[toggle_framed title=”Chemicals & Plastics” variation=”teal”]Based on public information from research institutes, patent publications and technical articles, we provide comprehensive data-driven market analysis of chemicals and plastics, either commodities or specialties.[/toggle_framed]
[toggle_framed title=”Supply – Global or by region ” variation=”teal”]List of suppliers by country, region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia), and global with their respective capacity.

[toggle_framed title=”Detailed Manufacturing cost and capital” variation=”teal”]Cost and Capital for new plants with different plant capacities with detailed Variable Cost (Raw Materials, By-product credits, Utilities), Fixed Costs (Labor, Maintenance, Supplies and Depreciation), Expenses (Admin, R&D) and Capital (Battery Limits and Off Site).

[toggle_framed title=”Demand – End-use application & growth rates” variation=”teal”]List of main end-use or industry applications with expected growth rates.

[toggle_framed title=”Price & Volume” variation=”teal”]Historical public prices by region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia), and Volume of Imports, Exports / Trade by regions.


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