Paulo Moretti has been a Principal at PM2Consult since 2012. In that capacity, he assists diverse client companies worldwide to improve their purchasing operations and achieve outstanding business results. He also provides data-driven market analysis to strengthen clients’ decision-making; this analysis touches on such key aspects as supply and demand, regional supplier capacity, end-use application by region, detailed manufacturing cost and capital, and trade by region.

Clients range from mid-sized companies to global 1000 manufacturing companies. They generally fall into four main groups:

  • Direct clients seeking help to improve their sourcing processes and increase their savings on direct and indirect products/services.
  • Private equity, banks, and fund management organizations that need to make investment decisions related to the chemicals and plastics markets.
  • Large consulting companies whose clients require advice on the best sourcing strategy for chemicals and plastics materials.
  • Consultant companies specializing in Purchasing with current assignments as SME for chemicals include Efficio Consulting, GEP Consulting, PLG Consulting, Preferred Sourcing Solutions, and Tenzing Consulting.

Paulo brings more than 20 years of international purchasing experience to his work with clients. He focuses on helping them transform global purchasing functions from tactical to strategic and increase their profitability through more cost-effective operations. His expert contributions include achievement of multimillion-dollar savings and significantly enhanced supplier management and accountability.

Prior to PM2Consult, Paulo spent more than 30 years at Dow Chemical, where he developed experience in a wide variety of areas, including: Manufacturing, R&D, Sales, Business, Marketing, Finance, Economic Evaluation, Strategic Planning, E-Business and Purchasing

A native of Brazil, now based in the United States, Paulo holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and chemical engineering and master’s degrees in industrial management and in business. He has also completed executive course certifications at Kellogg, Wharton, and MIT Sloan.

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