Paulo Moretti(PM2Consult) and professor Tobias Schoenherr from Michigan State University with support from our Partners* launched this benchmark survey for Purchasing function based on 2012 data.


  • Any company can participate from any industry sector.
  • Qualitative view: Identify the main activities involved in Strategic and Operational Purchasing activities, organizational design, electronic tools used in Purchasing, primary KPI, and main objectives for 2013.
  • Quantitative view: Purchasing data from Strategic and Operational areas to determine efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. The data will be presented by industry sector, overall average and top quartile.
  • Individual data will not be published. Only the authors will have access to the data.Business word cloud for business concept, Benchmark
  •  Only aggregated data will be published, from which it will not be possible to identify an individual company or respondent.

Participating Company

  • Free, no cost involved
  • Participation is completely voluntary, and no risks for the individual responding are foreseen.
  • Each participating company will receive their results compared to the respective Industry Sector average, Overall Study Average and Top Quartile. This will offer invaluable benchmarking insight for participating companies.
  • Check the tab “Results” in the spreadsheet to see the data you will get.

Data Collection

  • Data and information will be collected using an Excel spreadsheet
  • Base year: 2012
  • There is one tab with Instructions, another tab for your Input, and a third tab for Results (note: this tab will be empty, and merely provides as an illustration of what kind of report you will be receiving).

Purchasing Benchmark 2012

*Partner Description
American Purchasing Society American Professional Association
INESUP Brazilian Supply Chain Association
Michigan State University #1 rank in Supply Chain Management
My Purchasing Center Purchasing on-line magazine
PM2consult Consulting in purchasing